Pre-orders help you complete the highly sought-after collectibles, without fear of being left without an incomplete collection!

As soon as the manufacturer announces a new product and gives us permission to sell, we will put it on sale with an estimated arrival date.

When you place an order for items that are in pre-order it means that they are not currently in stock and will be in stock at the scheduled date.

This means that if you have placed a pre-order for a product today and it is available in the coming months, we will deliver it to you and notify you as soon as the product is in stock with us. We will demand payment upon delivery of the ordered items and you are not obliged to pay for the product in advance. Payment is made in the way you selected when ordering (Proforma invoice, upon receipt, Paypal). Trust and reliability are mutual. Products in pre-order can be combined with products in stock in case you want to combine orders for free postage, write to us at [email protected]

Cancel a pre-order

You can cancel pre-orders at any time before coming to our warehouse without any costs and you are not obliged to pay

You can cancel your pre-order by sending us an email at [email protected]

Arrival notices

As soon as possible, we will send you a notification that a pre-order will arrive soon. This will allow you to review the selected payment method and delivery address before processing your order.

Pre-order and prices

Due to the nature of pre-orders, prices can sometimes change when a product is put up for sale.

If the price is reduced and your product is still in pre-order, the price will be adjusted so that you receive the lowest price.

In some cases, we may not receive exact prices from our suppliers, such as the price of the product listed in the pre-order. In this case, we state the new price on the website, explaining that the price of the pre-order will be adjusted when the final price is known.

In rare cases, the pre-order price may increase. This can happen when we receive a request from the suppliers with an error in setting prices or when the Government of Slovenia estimates the new prices of import duties.

We will inform you in the event of a price increase. You can cancel your pre-order at any time. In this case, we will also refund the advance payment.

Pre-order delivery

Shipping costs are approximate prices and not the actual amount charged for shipping.

We do not always know the exact weight or dimensions of the product for pre-order and therefore we can only give estimated prices.