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Today, however, we live in a flood of everything. That is why in our company Funky Power we appreciate many well-known international brands that we represent.

We offer trendy figures of various heroes and imaginary characters, which can be collected in several categories. Our products are designed and designed uniquely, and the designers also take into account that users will like and enjoy the product. These are figures that draw their inspiration from modern pop culture, but are in a way an original work of special hands. Pamper yourself with retro figurines and famous faces that marked your childhood or life, or choose gifts for your loved ones. 

We strive to satisfy our customers. Our products are truly special and true collectors appreciate the value of these. We are a well-coordinated family team that lives with the customer. We work in a creative environment, with constant contact with our suppliers. We approach your needs individually and try to give you the best advice on your decisions. At the same time, we always strive for the best ratio between quality and price, so that you get the best and most for your money. It is important that we adults are also aware that a good toy is much more than just a means of short-sightedness and that it awakens only the best qualities and values ​​in each of us.

We are committed to our items with a heart and we provide just such a heartfelt and friendly customer experience with an attractive offer, thoughtful items that are of limited series and editions. We also offer our customers cooperation and assistance with items that are not on the website, but may be within our capabilities to supply them.

We are reliable and quick to respond and proud of the Funky Power store, which will grow with you and your children through play and fun with various toys and other special products for fans of certain series, movies, comics, etc. And remember, our relationship with the customer doesn’t end with the purchase.

We look forward to a funky trip with you 🙂








Funky Power, store and services, Srečko Drev s.p.

Breška cesta 36,
Breg pri Polzeli,
3313 Polzela Slovenija (SI) EU


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