DC The Flash Movie Vehicle The Batmobile 56cm


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DC The Flash Movie Vehicle The Batmobile


DC The Flash Movie Vehicle The Batmobile 1989

McFarlane Toys
The Batmobile long forgotten and hidden away in the dark recesses of the Batcave, the Batmobile remains one of the greatest weapons of Batman's crimefighting past. If only someone would rediscover it..

The story of the Batmobile is a story of power, innovation and the fight against evil. This vehicle is not just a means of transportation, but a symbol of determination and dedication to a hero who has witnessed many battles on the streets of Gotham City. His presence is not just an aesthetic addition, but represents an important element in the Batman legend, reaching deep into his origins.

When the opportunity arises to put the Batmobile back on the road after a long time, it's not just the return of the old vehicle. It's the return of a legend, an iconic vehicle that reflected the heart and soul of Batman. Restored, upgraded and ready for new challenges, the Batmobile enters a new chapter in Batman's fight against evil.

In DC The Flash Movie, the Batmobile is not only a means of transportation, but an important part of the complex web of multidimensional events. When two heroes from different dimensions - Batman and Flash - meet, it's not just a meeting of superheroes, but also a fusion of power and technology. The Batmobile becomes a bridge between worlds, allowing the two heroes to face dangers beyond the boundaries of their known universe.

The return of the Batmobile to the big screen also brings a new chapter in the history of superhero movies. With high-tech equipment that is now even more impressive and with improved capabilities, the Batmobile becomes a real hero of the film, fighting against evil. Every detail, from the mighty engine to the bulletproof windows, tells the story of Batman's dedication to protecting the city he loves.

Product Features:

  • Incredibly detailed vehicle based off the The Flash movie
  • The Batmobile is based on its look in the upcoming movie The Flash
  • Batmobile canopy slides open for cockpit access
  • Batmobile is made to fit The Flash Movie Multiverse Batman and select other 7in figures
  • Included collectible art card with vehicle art on the front, and vehicle biography on the back
  • Collect all McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Figures


McFarlane Toys is an American company founded by comic book creator Todd McFarlane which makes highly detailed model action figures of characters from films, comics, popular music, video games and various sporting genres.

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WARNING: Not suitable for children under 12 years.
Keep away from children under 3 years - choking hazard because of small parts.



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DC The Flash Movie Vehicle The Batmobile 1989DC The Flash Movie Vehicle The Batmobile 56cm

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